Our Story

Having a passion for food is the easy part. Most of us love to eat. Food is a pillar of culture, the center of most of our social interactions and celebrations, and the anchors of our daily life. We turn to food for comfort, fuel and healing. For Carole, discovering the impact that food has on quality of life has been a long lesson in the making.

Born with a genetic kidney disease from her father (who has since passed away from the disease), Carole was told by a doctor at a young age that there was nothing she could do to control or ease the progression of the disease. Carole wasn’t given much reason to make healthier choices or keep active at the time, but she gravitated to nutritious food and physical activity just the same.

It wasn’t until years later when checking in with a different Nephrologist that she learned that the healthier choices she was making were having an enormous impact. There was no reason why, if she kept doing what she was doing, that she couldn’t live a long and healthy life and (hopefully) endure minimal effects from her condition.

Not only is she able to keep her condition in check thus far, but Carole has also maintained a successful business that has heavy physical demands. As well, she has pursued many mountain sports she’s so lucky to enjoy when living in the Rockies, such as mountain biking and skiing. These activities likely wouldn’t have been as enjoyable for her if she had taken to heart the misguided advice that what she ate wouldn’t matter. There couldn’t be a more obvious testament to her about the power of nutrition.

What Carole had felt intuitively about nutrition comes naturally to many of us. But in spite of how easy it is to eat for most people, our relationship to food is a complex one, and as varied as people are themselves. Even though it was nearly 2500 years ago when Socrates said "let food be thy medicine", humanity still often loses its way in this climate of plenty we currently live in. Like Carole, many of us understand viscerally that nutrition is one of the biggest building blocks of health and happiness in our lives. But many of us lack the depth of knowledge and even the understanding of our own bodies to make choices with confidence. Carole’s eye-opening experience has fostered a deep belief in the value of healthy foods and a passion to help others discover the benefits. It has lead Carole to become a Holistic Nutritionist and start An Edible Life. In Carole, you’ll find an experienced and compassionate guide to help you discover your healthiest self.