An Edible Life

We create healthy, fresh, prepared meals & sweets. Our cooking and baking is made from scratch and focuses on small batches.. We sell ready made meals for you to take away and heat.

Who we are


We are a collection of adventure seekers that believe food has the power to transcend and fuel life’s journeys around us.
Inspired by the power of the natural world that surrounds us, we embrace food in its natural form. By emphasizing nutritional content over calorie counts we create dishes that are clean, colourful and full of energy, because that’s what food is, our energy.

Our goal is to create food that is delicious, vibrant and nourishing. Using ingredients that are high in nutrients, low in refined sugars, and many gluten free options. Everything we serve is made fresh in-house.

  • Probiotics


    Found in fermented food like yogurt and pickled foods. Help maintain a healthy intestine and immune system.

  • Dates


    Very high fiber, naturally sweet and full of vitamins and minerals!

  • Cocoa


    Contains natural antioxidants and anti inflammatory molecules that cool down inflammation in the body

  • Olive Oil

    Olive Oil

    Full of natural anti inflammatory properties and heart healthy fats

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Core Values

Driving our mission forward by embracing and exercising our core values. These values are at the heart of our company and are the lens through which we look at every decision we make and dish we create.

Authenticity: A menu created from a lifestyle that we cherish; our food is always evolving to help fuel you and your life’s adventures better.

Honesty: From the ingredients we use, to the people that put it together, we don’t believe in hiding any ingredients, information or personality from what makes our food great.

Growth: With the help from quality food that inspires our bodies and minds to achieve more, we believe one should never stop learning and growing mentally and physically.

Adventure: The passion behind this business. With the desire to try new things and live life a little larger, finding the right foods to fuel our life’s adventures and the daily demands is essential.

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Ready made meals for you to take away & heat! Our cooking and baking is made from scratch and focuses on small batches. By using fresh ingredients, our menu selections for the week will vary based on availability and quality of ingredients. No in house dining or seating available.